The Virukoda Museum of Prehistoric Art Estonia

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The Virukoda Museum of Prehistoric Art has two exhibition halls. The primary is reserved for permanent presentation of petroglyphs situated in Russian Karelia Lake Onega. The secondary is reserved for temprary presentation, usually for one summer.
The exhibition halls have room enough to organise small conferences or lectures.  There is room for 40-50 persons.


Expo hall I Virukoda conference hall
Lake Onega petroglyphs Virukoda conference hall




Siberian Petroglyphs, 2017, Expo hall I


Previous expos:

Marianne Uspenskaja, 2016, Expo hall I

Pieter Rieder - Regina Rieder, 2015

Renaldo Veeber, 2014, Expo hall I

Eija Temisevä: Stories of carved stones, 2013, Expo hall II

The Rock-Carved Chronicle of the Stone Age, 2013

Rock art on the Kola Peninsula, 2012

Pekka Kivikäs, 2011

Finno-Ugric Heritage Rockart, 2011

Sahara Stone Annals, 2010

Chant of the Beluga, 2009

Igor Georgievsky, 2008