The Virukoda Museum of Prehistoric Art Estonia

Rock art on the Kola Peninsula

Summer 2012 season

Kola Peninsula

A crane and a bear´s feet


Kanozero Petroglyph Gallery


An exhibition of the rock art on the Kola Peninsula has opened on June 9 in Pre-historic Art Centre Virukoda in Estonia. Carved into the cliffs, dozens of petroglyphs were discovered in Lake Kanozero in 1997.

The carvings depict two distinct cultures – one that used to hunt marine animals - and the other that hunted deer. The deer hunting petroglyphs have been found before in Kandalaksha. It is likely that they depict the same culture as the petroglyphs in Lake Kanozero.


Press Release

Rock art on the Kola Peninsula - Press Release

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Rock art on the Kola Peninsula Handout

Koola Poolsaare Kaljutaie

Kuolan niemimaan kalliotaide