The Virukoda Museum of Prehistoric Art Estonia

Sahara Stone Annals

Tassili bovine petroglyphVirukoda turns a new page in its exhibitions and exposes the rock art treasures of Sahara and North Africa. Erkki Luoma-aho has travelled two summers in a row starting in 2008. He has studied Egypt West and East desert, Libya Abacus and Alger Tassili.  Thus he follows the footsteps of Henri Lhote, famous for documenting these areas in 1955.

Erkki Luoma-aho has published 5 books about his adventures in Sahara. The books can be find in Blurb.

His homepage is

Sahara Stone Annals exhibition is open 6.6.2010 - 31.8.2010, Tuesday-Sunday at 10-14 and 15-18.

The vernissage will be on Saturday 5.6.2010 at 16.00