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Prof. Väino Poikalainen and Dr. Enn Ernits have published a petroglyph book of The Lake Onega. The new book is the second part of the series of three volumes. The documentation work started already in 1982 in the east coast of the lake Onega in Russian Karelia. The volume I was published in 1998 (still available). In the volume II the researches have utilized new computational methods to document figures carved on the horizontal rocks in the strands of the lake.

The used documentation method reveals how the analysis should be made and it really creates new standards for the future studies. A Finnish reader can compare the work as important as the collection of Suomen Kansan Vanhat Runot (SKVR) database served by Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, which carries Finnish oral tradition through centuries. We can also describe the work: A Rocky Kalevala, which tries to reach out the past without words. Do the figures speak to us or are they just plain scratches on the rock?
The links below lead to the beginning of the book and a short description of Lake Onega Perinos III cape.
The texts show how the documentation of rock art has developed thanks to new research methods and information technology.

Pages 1-39, pdf file

Example of Peri III peninsula, pdf file

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