The Virukoda Museum of Prehistoric Art Estonia


Virukoda museum will be open during summertime 18th, June 2017 until 31st, August 2017




The summer 2017 expo


Siberian petroglyphs by Boris Pjatkina exhibition in Virukoda


Vatjan kielen kurssit



The Virukoda Museum of Prehistoric Art

is a non-commercial institution managed by the Estonian Rock Art Society.

Voluntary work and financial support are necessary ingredients for the Museum to be able to pursue its activities in a correct manner.

The economy of the Museum is based solely on membership fees and donations.

The activities of the Museum:

* Registration and documentation of rock carvings. The work is now being concentrated on the carvings which are disintegrating at an increasing rate.

* International centre for rock art documentation. The museum is the only institution in Northern Europe which offers education in the skill of documenting rock art.

* Archives for rock carvings and documentation material, which are open for researchers and anyone else interested.

* International seminars offering lectures and field work with documentation and registration.

* Courses and excursions arranged individually for groups with special interests.

* Guided tours and night excursions to well-known as well as less known localities of rock carvings.

* Exhibitions



The Virukoda Museum of Prehistoric Art
(attn: Erkki Suonio)
Oja 4
Võsupere 45405

Tel: +3726337633

+372 3234122
+372 56475678
+358 50 5897907


Open: June - August between 12 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Editorial board: Erkki Suonio, Väino Poikalainen

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Membership of the Estonian Rock Art Society
20 €/year
Membership 10 years 200€